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When good Go-To-Market strategies may not be enough to succeed 3/3

25 October

This is my third (and last) post on this topic, regarding why Go-To-Market strategies may not be effective enough if not coupled with good management techniques, as well as with good managers.   As...

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Is the Silicon Valley a myth of the past?

07 October

It may sound strange in today's globalized world, however... the Valley is still the essence of Innovation.   As part of a programme organized by the London Business School, I have recently had the...

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2013 resolution: time to think differently about manufacturing

28 December

At the 2012 Summit in Cernobbio Mr. Romano Prodi, former Italian Prime Minister and President of the European Commission, has recently declared to the economic newspaper Il Sole 24 Ore (9 settembre 2012) his satisfaction for the renewed attention at...

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