Leadership: the way forward (4 of 4)

05 January 2012

  In closing my series of posts about leadership, I’d like to share some suggestions coming from my personal experience which may turn out useful to those who would like to set themselves on...

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Is our destiny to be dominated by the robots? (Part II)

31 July 2012

Let’s resume our dissertation re. the School of the Future. It is, therefore, essential that the School’s world keeps on questioning itself,  and monitor closely these phenomena.   In closing, I would like to...

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Leadership: The Dilemma and the Style – 3 of 4

26 July 2012

According to my previous posts on this subject, the Leadership dilemma remains whether you could/should define it a Science or an Art. The natural talent is of course desirable and, to some extent, necessary,...

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How should we design the School of the Future? (Part I)

26 February 2012

As some Anglo-Saxons people are used to say, it's difficult to make predictions, especially about the future. In the case of the School, I do feel particularly uncomfortable, as I am not a specialist...

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What if the Cloud was getting less cloudy?

13 September 2012

There is still a significant on going debate about the Cloud phenomenon: it's taking place now, it's hype, it's still to come... Everything ranging from skepticism, excitement, disappointment. In all truth, the IT industry...

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Adaptive Leadership – 2 of 4

06 July 2012

Continuing on the basis of my previous post.... Being a leader in dynamic and diversified world requires the ability to deal with a number of new challenges, among which I would like to mention...

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How BYOD is Your Enterprise?

24 April 2012

The BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) phenomenon - one of the effects of the so-called "consumerization" - is one of the themes that have engaged senior management for the past several years, but has...

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What Leaders are made of – 1of 4

03 April 2012

    After giving some lectures on this subject, in this short series of posts I would like to share some thoughts on leadership, a theme always present and that will never be examined...

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Is the Third Industrial Revolution coming?

01 January 2012

These days, at Oracle we speak of an upcoming "digital disruption". These words haven't been picked accidentally: distruption, rather than transformation. This is somehow reminding me of Jack Welch of General Electric when, on...

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Are We Getting Ready For The New Industrial Revolution? Part IV

19 September 2012

  This is concluding my series of posts on the topic of re-industrialization.   In November 2012, Carlos Ghosn, President of Renault Group, and better known as the "cost-killer", announced that he would have...

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