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Is our destiny to be dominated by the robots? (Part II)

31 July

Let’s resume our dissertation re. the School of the Future. It is, therefore, essential that the School’s world keeps on questioning itself,  and monitor closely these phenomena.   In closing, I would like to...

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How should we design the School of the Future? (Part I)

26 February

As some Anglo-Saxons people are used to say, it's difficult to make predictions, especially about the future. In the case of the School, I do feel particularly uncomfortable, as I am not a specialist...

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What Leaders are made of – 1of 4

03 April

    After giving some lectures on this subject, in this short series of posts I would like to share some thoughts on leadership, a theme always present and that will never be examined...

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Are We Getting Ready For The New Industrial Revolution? Part III

02 September

  Let’s keep on elaborating on the topics I had covered on my previous posts on the re-industrialization.   I’ll begin from the speech Roland Berger has recently given in a presentation on the...

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Are We Getting Ready for the New Industrial Revolution? Part I

18 July

Although I am not an expert, I feel obliged to go back to the "manufacturing" topic which I had already covered some time ago on my post "Time to Think Differently about Manufacturing". The European and...

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